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About Raif Adel Law firm

Law firm of Raif Adel, one of the pioneers in providing the most complicated and popular consulting and services in Egypt and the Arab Nations within the legal and investing fields. Our office was established from two decades as a comprehensive law firm specialized in the commercial disputes, law of companies and investments, contract drafting, agreements, negotiation and arbitration in addition to having a special division for the personal status, criminal and labor lawsuits.


During the globalization era and the competition accentuation, we based our reputation while stepping forward towards success ...

Our principles

Our logo: impartiality and transparency with our clients and efficiency, excellence and creativity in whatever provided from services ...

Our vision for the future

Our vision for the future is not just wishes but it is based on understanding the needs of our clients from the individuals and companies ...

Legal Services

Commercial Lawsuits

Companies and investment: the services of the local and multinational companies and the local foreign investors

Companies and investment

Companies and investment: the services of the local and multinational companies and the local foreign investors

Contracts and agreements

Contracts and agreements: investing agreements – commercial contracts – international contracts – contracts of the actors and media personnel

Criminal Cases

Criminal cases: white collar crimes – commercial activity related crimes – cyber crimes

Labor cases

Labor cases: labor disputes – accommodation and work license for foreigners- work contracts – internal investigations

Personal status cases

Personal status cases: legacy disputes, settlement of succession and division thereof and endowment and will disputes

Negotiation and compromise

In the context of the special nature of certain disputes specially the commercial ones and considering the needs of our clients


Arbitration: arbitration contracts – obtaining arbitration award – implementing the local and international arbitration awards

Intellectual property

Intellectual property rights: patents records – franchise services

Investment sectors


investment: encouraging investment – companies foundation

Banks and financial institutions

funding – loans – collecting bad debts

Power, petroleum and gas

developing and excavation agreements – distributing contracts

Agriculture and food processing

land reclamation licenses – export and import contracts

Tourism, hotels and entertainment

sale, rent and administration contracts – labor dispute

Insurance and reinsuring

real estate disputes – contracting agreements – sale and purchase operations

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